All about Overlap Percentages

PVC strip door is made up of flexible vinyl strips that are mounted to the top of a doorway and overlapped in a specific pattern to provide an adequate seal of the door opening. Depending on the size of PVC strips used in the application, there can be a few different options for strip overlap. It’s simply a function of how the strips are configured. All strips have a “2 inches on center” hole pattern at the top of the strip, which is a perfect match with the mounting hardware. By installing strips closer together, we are increasing the percentage of overlap.

For example, here we see a strip door kit using 8” width strips with a 50% overlap. You can see that the 2 inches on the left and 2 inches on the right are overlapped.

By adding some additional PVC strips and repositioning them side by side, it’s possible to create a 100% overlap. 100% overlap means, that there are 2 layers of strips all the way across the doorway.

Our most popular strip overlap percentages are given here:

4” strips: 100%
6” strips: 67% (also available: 100%)
8” strips: 50% (also available: 100%)
12” strips: 67% (also available: 33% or 100%)
16” strips: 50% (also available: 25%, 75% or 100%)

However, some applications require a higher percentage of overlap:

– Loading dock or exterior doorways with excess wind
– Interior doorways with high levels of negative or positive air pressure
– Temperature control applications where energy savings is critical
– Taller doors where sealing the doorway could be challenging

PVC strip door can be a very effective way of sealing off the airflow if we use the proper strip overlap percentage.
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