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Replacing Worn PVC Strips

PVC Strip Door Kits do a great job of separating areas for temperature control and energy savings, but eventually, PVC strips will need to be replaced, due to natural wear and tear that happens over time. Some of the common reasons for replacing PVC strips are scratches on the surface that limit visibility or cracked or broken strips that allow air through the doorway. Strips that have lost there transparency can lead to an unsafe situation where you have traffic coming in from both directions, unaware of what is happening on the other side of the strip door.

There are three different options for replacing worn PVC strips:

– PVC Bulk Rolls

– QuickStrip Rolls

– Individual PVC Replacement Strips

PVC Bulk Rolls are full length PVC rolls, normally 100’ to 300’ long, depending on the type of strip. For example, most 8″ x .080″ strip products are 300′ long while most 12″ x .120″ strips are 200′ long. The main idea is to optimize the weight of the rolls so they are not too heavy to be handled. While PVC Bulk Rolls are the most economical way to buy PVC strip material, your time and effort will be required to cut the strips to length and prepare the holes at the top of the strip for mounting. You need to consider how and where you will do that fabrication. It can be challenging to keep the strips clean during that process, unless you have a table long enough to work on. Clearway offers a handy template kit to help mark the hole locations and make the holes in the PVC bulk rolls
QuickStrip Rolls are also full length rolls of PVC strips, but are precut and prepunched here at Clearway based on your specifications. When you order QuickStrip rolls, simply give us the length of the strips you need and we will use our automated equipment to prepare the strips, so they are perforated and ready to tear off the roll and be mounted in your doorway. For example, you can order a roll of Standard Smooth 6″ x .060″ x 300′ with a precut length of 84″. When you receive this roll, you will receive 42 strips, perforated and easy to tear apart, along with whatever remnant is left over (the full 300′ roll).
Individual PVC Replacement Strips are also available. Simply order the exact number of strips you need in the style you need. This option allows you to buy the exact number of strips needed for your opening, rather than a complete roll. Individual replacement strips are sold by the foot. While this completely customized option is less economical than buying in bulk, it can often be a good idea when fewer strips are needed. For example you can order 11 strips of Standard DuraRib 8″ x .072″ if that is what will be needed to replace the strips in your door opening. It is completely customizable, based on your needs. You only receive the strips you need.
All three of these options can be used with the complete range of flexible PVC strip products from Clearway, including all styles, colors and sizes we offer. For more information about replacing worn PVC strips reach out to us at

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