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Replacing Worn PVC Strips

PVC Strip Door Kits do a great job of separating areas for temperature control and energy savings, but eventually, PVC strips will need to be replaced, due to natural wear and tear that happens over time. Some of the common reasons for replacing PVC strips are scratches on the surface that limit visibility or cracked or broken strips that allow air through the doorway. Strips that have lost there transparency can lead to an unsafe situation where you have traffic coming in from both directions, unaware of what is happening on the other side of the strip door…

All About Overlap Percentages

A PVC strip door is made up of flexible vinyl strips that are mounted to the top of a doorway and overlapped in a specific pattern to provide an adequate seal of the door opening. Depending on the size of PVC strips used in the application, there can be a few different options for strip overlap. It’s simply a function of how the strips are configured. All strips have a “2 inches on center” hole pattern at the top of the strip, which is a perfect match with the mounting hardware. By installing strips closer together, we are increasing the percentage of overlap…

Choosing the Right Strip Size

Customers often ask us which size of strip is right for their application.

We offer many different sizes of strip but the most common are:

4” x .060”
6” x .060”
8” x .080”
12” x .120”
16” x .160″…

Mounting Hardware Options

A PVC strip door is comprised of flexible vinyl strips that are suspended from the top of a doorway by a mounting system. Mounting systems are mounted either under the lintel of the door or into the wall above the door. Various types of mounting systems exist in the market, made from steel, aluminum and high-tech polymers…

Standard vs Low Temp PVC Strips

A question we get frequently from our customers is about which type of flexible PVC material is needed for an application: Standard or Low Temp PVC strips. Confusion on this topic can lead to problems after installation and therefore it is critical that it is understood well before placing your order.

What we are talking about here is the chemical formulation that determines the softness and flexibility of the material and the performance of the material when exposed to cold temperatures. Our engineering team designs different compounds for your different applications:…

Smooth vs DuraRib Strips

A question we receive often is about which type of flexible PVC strip is right for a customer’s application: Smooth or DuraRib? At Clearway we make two different type of PVC strip profiles:

Smooth strips have a completely flat, smooth surface. They’re made in our extrusion process with very smooth polishing rollers which allow for a crystal clear smooth appearance. Smooth strips allow for very good visibility, especially when they are new. Also they are ideal for pedestrian traffic applications. They are easier to clean and therefore very popular with food service and more technical applications…

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