Choosing the right-sized PVC Strip

Customers often ask us which size of strip is right for their application.

We offer many different sizes of strip but the most common are:

4” x .060”
6” x .060”
8” x .080”
12” x .120”
16” x .160″

  • For door openings less than 8 feet high, 4” x .060” and 6” x .060” strips offer the best ease of entry for pedestrian traffic.
  • For door openings up to 10 feet high, 8” x .080” strips provide the right balance between ease of entry and sealing the doorway from airflow.
  • For door openings up to 14 feet high, 12” x .120” strips add 50% more thickness and weight, which helps to resist movement.
  • For door openings over 15 feet high, 16” x .160” strips do the best job of hanging firmly in the doorway, to prevent airflow.

When choosing a PVC strip door, choosing the right strip size can make a big difference in the performance of the door. Other conditions, like the amount of wind or air movement and the percentage of strip overlap can also play an important role.

Contact us with the details of your application at and we’ll help specify the right strips for the job.