Introducing the

Clear-Guard PSS

A ready to deploy, portable separation screen, to protect your team and your customers from the spread of airborne viruses

"COVID-19 spreads from close contact with an infected person who shares respiratory droplets while coughing, sneezing, or talking" - Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

A simple, flexible, affordable solution that allows your team to work safely

America is reopening, and employee separation is a critical aspect of your COVID-19 response plan. Clear-Guardâ„¢ helps to create a safer environment for your staff members, by reducing the risk of transmitting COVID-19 through airborne respiratory droplets.

Separate Your Team Safely

Put a protective barrier between your employees

Clear-Guard PSS

Flexibility as Your Needs Change

Easy to move to whereever it's needed next

Customize and Combine

Place Side by Side or in a Booth Configuration

Pivot foot

Fast Installation, No Maintenance

Total Protection, within 10 minutes of opening the box

The Clear-Guard Portable Separation Screen is designed for safety:

Made from Double-Polished Standard Clear Flexible Vinyl

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