Data Center Applications

We live in a data-driven society, fueled by the extensive use of social media, streaming services, cloud storage, mobile apps, and other digital platforms. These factors are driving increased demand for data centers, which is expected to double in the next 5 years. Data centers are centralized locations where computing and networking equipment is concentrated for the purpose of collecting and processing large amounts of data.

Because of their high concentrations of servers, often stacked in racks that are placed in rows, data centers are sometimes referred to as server farms. Since servers and other equipment do not do very well in extreme temperatures, most data centers have huge cooling and air flow systems that consume massive amounts of power.

Racks of servers are arranged in rows that create aisles where the servers are either all facing each other or all facing away from each other in order to control airflow and temperature more efficiently. By creating “cold aisles” and “hot aisles”, data centers can dramatically reduce the amount of energy consumed, compared to air conditioning the entire room.

PVC strips are used in many data center applications as a barrier providing separation of air, directly above the rows of servers. By preventing air from the “cold aisles” and “hot aisles” from mixing together, energy cost savings are significant, while servers are kept at safe operating temperatures. PVC strips are also used at the end of the aisle, to allow data center personnel to easily access the aisle way while preventing temperature loss.

For data center applications, Clearway developed a special “Anti-Static” formulation. Clearway’s Anti-Static strips use chemical additives to dissipate the static electricity before it can cause any negative effect to the equipment or personnel in the data center.

There are more than 500,000 data centers worldwide today, and they are growing by more than 12% every year. Data center operators will continue to seek ways to lower energy consumption, and the use of PVC strips are part of the solution.

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