Industrial Applications

Manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers need to keep equipment and personnel moving through the doorways to maintain productivity. At the same time, it is often necessary to separate rooms from one another to control the environment, prevent dust and airborne contaminants, maintain temperatures and save energy. Facility managers are interested in products which allow traffic to flow freely, while maintaining area separation and environmental control.

The most common way to seal off an industrial doorway is with a PVC Strip Door kit. Strip door kits are a practical option, due to their relatively low cost and low maintenance requirement. Installation and replacement of strips can be made easier by using mounting systems designed for fast, simple mounting, such as Clearway’s QuickMount hardware system.

A wide range of PVC strips are available and can be specified based on the situation, but two types of strips dominate this application:

Industrial environments are all about productivity, but a safe and an accident-free environment is critical. Clearway’s PVC Strip Door kits allow for maximum clarity and visibility, making it easier to see traffic coming. They offer industrial facility managers a safe, durable and practical option to keep traffic moving while protecting employees. 

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