The Ecoflex Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Door provides an alternative to strip curtains in Walk-In Coolers and Freezers. Instead of strips, the Ecoflex uses a pair of bi-parting, overlapping clear PVC panels to keep cold air in, and allow staff members to quickly and easily pass through the door.

  • Crystal clear PVC panels for coolers or freezers
  • Stainless steel spring-loaded hinge system
  • Closes automatically
  • Adjustable closing tension
  • Universal: Can be wall-mounted or jamb-mounted
  • Replacement panels easy to install and inexpensive
  • Tight seal for energy savings

A Smart Alternative to Curtains

Clearway’s Ecoflex Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Door opens easily and then quickly closes, helping to save energy and maintain proper food storage temperatures. The adjustable tension spring allows you to set the amount of force needed to close the door. The brush polished stainless steel hinges will not rust or corrode. Three types of crystal clear panels are available: Standard (for coolers), Low temp (for freezers), and Stop-Bac (antibacterial). The door kit includes mounting hardware, ready to install quickly and easily in moments with basic hand-tools.

Safer, Smarter Energy Savings

  • Easy to open with minimal pressure (less than 1lb)
  • Easy to pass through doors while hands are full
  • Extends the life of compressor in walk-in cooler/freezer
  • Crystal clear panels allow for maximum visibility
  • Clean, attractive, stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean panels encourage hygienic use
  • Better temperature control to keep food safe and fresh
  • Fast, easy installation with stainless self-tapping screws


Applications: Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Refrigeration
Traffic Types: Pedestrian, Light Carts
Panel Types: Standard Clear, Low Temp Clear, Stop-Bac™
Min Open Width: 32”
Max Open Width: 40”
Energy Loss Index: 7.20 Kilowatt Hours/hour

Three Types of Flexible PVC Panels

    Ecoflex is available with three types of flexible PVC panels, which have been tested and certified as compliant with all relevant federal food safety standards