Smooth vs DuraRib PVC Strips

A question we receive often is about which type of flexible PVC strip is right for a customer’s application: Smooth or DuraRib?

At Clearway we make two different type of PVC strip profiles:

– Smooth strips have a completely flat, smooth surface. They’re made in our extrusion process with very smooth polishing rollers which allow for a crystal clear smooth appearance. Smooth strips allow for very good visibility, especially when they are new. Also they are ideal for pedestrian traffic applications. They are easier to clean and therefore very popular with food service and more technical applications.

– DuraRib strips have our exclusive ribbed profile, which is designed for use in heavy traffic applications. These ribs work like bumpers to take some of the abuse from the loads passing through the doorway. This can be important when the application uses forklifts, lift trucks, and other machinery.

std durarib edge

Strips need to be replaced when the scratches affect the clarity and visibility of the material to the point where safety can become a concern. Since the cost of DuraRib strips can be slightly more than Smooth strips, facility managers need to consider the potential long term cost savings that comes with preventing scratches on the PVC strips, extending their useful life.

 Some key considerations in deciding between Smooth and DuraRib strips?:
– What type of traffic is coming through the doorway?
If it is only pedestrian traffic, smooth strips could be a better option due to upfront cost and visibility.
If forklifts or other machines will be involved, it’s worth a look at DuraRib PVC strips to determine if the cost difference be a good investment.

– Will the strips need to be cleaned regularly?
Smooth strips may be easier to clean, due to their flat profile.

food service strip curtain
STSD Cart 5

Clearway offers Smooth strips in every color and formulation and four styles of DuraRib strip:

– Standard DuraRib
– Low Temp DuraRib
– Anti-Insect Yellow DuraRib
– Stop-Bac DuraRib

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