Learn more about flexible PVC products and applications with our extensive video library:​

Strip Door 101

5 Key Questions for Specifying the Right PVC Strip Door Kit

In this video we focus on the 5 key questions to ask when specifying the right PVC Strip Door Kit for your application.

PVC Strips

Learn about Clearway’s exclusive, StopBac™ Anti-Bacterial PVC material and how it can be a great solution for your customer’s needs.

Anti-Insect Yellow PVC Strips for Pest Control Applications

In this video, we explain how our Anti-Insect Yellow PVC Strips repel flying insects using Citronella.

Anti-Static PVC Strips

In this video, we discuss the uses and benefits of using Anti-Static PVC strips in your applications!

PVC Strip Sizes

Watch this video to understand which
PVC strip size is right for your

Mounting Hardware Options

This video will explain the different
types mounting hardware

Overhead Door Standoff Brackets

Nick Bishop of Clearway explains Overhead Door Standoff Brackets, when they are needed, and how they work.

Installing PVC Strips
the Right Way

In this addition, we discuss the proper way to install PVC strips and provide some helpful hints for the installation process.

Replacing Worn
PVC Strips

Learn about the different ways to replace worn PVC strips: Bulk Rolls, QuickStrip Rolls and Replacement Strips

Screenflex Welding Strips

The importance of having safe and AWS F2.3 and ISO 25980 complaint welding curtains and strips in your welding environment

Smooth vs DuraRib

This video will explain the differences between Smooth and DuraRib PVC types and when to use them.

Standard vs Low Temp

This video will help you understand when to use Standard PVC material and Low Temp PVC material.

Strip Overlap

This Strip Door 101 video will teach you the importance of selecting the best strip overlap percentage for your application.

Wall Mount vs Under-Lintel Mount

This installment of Strip Door 101 will help explain the different ways to mount your PVC Strip Door or Curtain.

When is a Strip Door the Right Option?

In the latest edition of Strip Door 101, we discuss when using a Strip Door for your application is the right choice.

Application In Focus

Cold Storage

Learn more about the  Cold Storage application for flexible PVC Doors, Curtains, and Traffic Doors.

Curtain Wall Partition

In this edition of Application in Focus, Nick Bishop discusses the various applications for Curtain Wall Partitions.

Industrial Doorway

In this video, we discuss the different types of traffic doors that are available for Industrial Doorways.

Loading Docks

In this video, Nick Bishop gives an in depth review of uses for flexible PVC doors in Loading Dock applications.

Walk-In Cooler/Freezer

How flexible PVC products are utilized in Walk-In Cooler/Freezer applications and why they are an important part of food safety.