Welding Protection Applications

Welding is an essential part of American industrial infrastructure with more than 300,000 welders working in the United States. Those welders all wear personal protective equipment to keep them safe, including masks to protect their eyes against UV and blue light radiation. But what about everyone else in the surrounding environment? In order to protect other employees working nearby, PVC welding screens and curtains are used. They help prevent exposure to the harmful radiation, while protecting against flash burns and other optical injuries.

Portable welding screens are free-standing PVC partitions, installed on lightweight frames, designed to shield against UV and Blue Light. They are easy to move around the facility or even taken off-site to remote locations. They can be quickly combined and configured into welding booths to create a portable barrier, protecting people nearby where the welding work is happening.

PVC Welding strips are installed in an overlapping pattern and can be customized to fit any size area. They make it possible to provide complete protection with maximum efficiency, as equipment and personnel can pass through the strip curtain to exit the welding booth. With welding strips it is possible to install one small curtain or a series of welding booths. Clearway can provide these strips in a pre-cut/pre-punched roll with our QuickMount mounting hardware for easy installation.

Both “welding screens” and “welding strips”  are designed to filter the light coming through the curtain and are designed to reduce the amount of dangerous UV and blue light radiation.  They also contain flame retardants to prevent flame spread.

In North America there are two relevant standards for PVC welding strips.   The American Welding Society F2.3 standard and the International Standards Organization 25980 standard, were created to help determine the proper level of UV and Blue Light radiation a welding curtain must filter.  Also, these standards contain flame test requirements.  All of Clearway’s Screenflex PVC welding products are completely compliant with AWS and ISO standards. 

With the right equipment in place, welding can be a safe process. Clearway’s Screenflex PVC welding products present a practical, versatile, and economical way to provide a safe environment.

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