Cold Storage Applications

Food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers must safely move and store refrigerated and frozen foods from the point of production, to the point of sale. These companies either use their own refrigerated warehouse facilities or utilize 3rd party cold storage warehouses in order to have enough space to store their products at proper temperatures.

Cold Storage facilities separate temperature zones within the facility to store each category of product at its proper temperature. 24 hours per day, forklifts maneuver throughout the facility loading and unloading products, and moving from one temperature zone to another. In order to separate these temperature zones, but allow traffic to continue to flow freely, facility managers utilize flexible PVC strips.

Cold storage facilities typically use three main types of PVC strips from Clearway:

Standard DuraRib

In cold storage zones with temperatures above freezing, Standard DuraRib strips work well to stand up to the heavy traffic environment of a cold storage facility. They feature a ribbed profile, which works like bumpers to take some of the abuse from the loads passing through the doorway.

Standard DuraRib

In temperature zones below freezing, Low Temp DuraRib strips offer similar durability and scratch resistance, but are designed to remain flexible in freezer environments. This product is ideal for applications that involves very low temperatures and the use of forklifts.

Stop-Bac DuraRib

In facilities where bacterial cross-contamination is a concern, Stop-Bac DuraRib can help reduce the risk, with specific additives that kill bacteria on the surface of the PVC strip. In independent tests, Stop-Bac PVC strips were found to kill 99.9% of bacteria they came in contact with. Stop-Bac is compliant with international standards and norms for bacterial including ISO standard 22196, for “measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics”.

Separating temperature zones using PVC strips helps cold storage facility managers maintain proper storage temperatures and save energy costs. By choosing the right product, the efficiency and useful life of the PVC strips can be maximized.

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