Curtain Wall/Partition Applications

Industrial environments and warehouses often need to be redesigned or reconfigured, to isolate a specific process, create a temperature controlled area, or keep airborne contaminants out of a particular zone. Traditional construction is an option, but can be expensive, complex and disruptive, impacting productivity for weeks or months while construction is underway. Creative facility managers are thinking outside the box and considering other options that can be implemented quickly to provide flexibility at a lower cost.

Soft wall curtain containment is often a faster, simpler and more cost effective option, that can be implemented quickly. By partitioning the room into specific zones with flexible materials, facility managers can spend a fraction of traditional construction costs and accomplish the goals of the project.

At Clearway, we supply flexible PVC products designed for area separation and environmental control.  The most common material utilized for flexible room separation is a PVC strip partition. 

The size of PVC strip utilized for the application depends on the height of the partition and the airflow characteristics in the facility. For lower ceiling heights, 8” or 12” strips can be utilized, while taller partitions may require the use of 16” PVC strips. The overlap percentage needed for each partition is completely customizable, from a 25% overlap, to as much as 100%, in situations with extreme air movement. All PVC strips are available pre-punched and pre-cut, ready to be installed. Installation of the partition can normally be handled “in-house” with simple instructions.

Once installed, the PVC strips allow for easy movement of personnel and equipment through the partition, since the entire wall of PVC strips can act as a door when needed. This flexible wall of strips could be reconfigured and re-used in a different area in the future, if necessary.

The use of a PVC strip curtain wall partition is a practical and economical choice, that can be installed quickly for most applications

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