Cold Transportation Applications

Food manufacturers, distributors and retailers are responsible for storing and distributing perishable food products safely, with these products always kept within a specific temperature range.  This, “cold chain”, is used to secure and extend the shelf life of produce, meats, dairy products, and other foods and beverages.  The most challenging aspect of this process is during transportation
When foods or beverages are being transported in a refrigerated truck, the temperature inside the trailer must be carefully controlled at or below a specific level, depending on the type of product being transported. However, during loading and unloading, temperatures can rise dramatically, as delivery personnel open the side or rear loading door. Cold refrigerated air pours out of the trailer, while hot outside air rushes in, causing the compressor and condenser in the refrigeration unit to activate to try in vain to keep up with the rising temperature
To help prevent temperature loss, and create energy savings, refrigerated fleet managers are turning to Clearway to provide PVC strip curtain systems to seal the doorway while the trailer door is open. Our exclusive QuickMount system allows fast, easy strip installation, and our Refrigerated Truck Strip Door Kits include side-wall brackets and a heavy-duty aluminum crossbeam to allow clearance for roll-up trailer doors to roll directly over the strip curtain.

Clearway offers several types of PVC strips cold transportation applications:

Cold transportation is an important part of the cold chain, and must be handled carefully and safely. By utilizing PVC strip curtains, companies transporting foods and beverages can maintain safe storage temperatures and save energy.

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