Noise Control Applications

Excessive noise is a common workplace hazard in industrial facilities. Prolonged exposure to noisy machinery and equipment can lead to poor communication, fatigue, and reduced productivity. Employees working in such an environment can suffer from hearing loss and headaches.

Industrial facility managers are looking for solutions that will allow them to lower the noise level within their facilities. The goal is to isolate the source of the noise, protecting employees from exposure and limiting the negative effect to the rest of the facility.

Clearway manufactures flexible noise control systems to help solve this problem. PVC strip curtains can either be used independently or as part of an enclosure system, to create a barrier against noise. This type of flexible noise barrier is highly customizable and can be made to fit the size and design required.

If a noisy operation is happening in a specific room or area, facility managers can employ a curtain in the door opening to section off that area from the rest of the facility.

If the issue is a specific piece of equipment, it’s possible to design an enclosure that completely isolates it and traps the noise inside. The use of clear PVC strips permits light to pass through the walls of the enclosure and allows for complete safety and transparency to see clearly, while workers are inside.

Soft, pliable materials (like flexible PVC) serve as good acoustic insulators, absorbing sound, while dense, hard, impenetrable materials (such as metals or concrete) reflect most of the noise back into the room. In particular flexible PVC is a highly effective material, reducing noise by an average of 35dB, similar to many of the noise reducing earplugs on the market.

Factors such as the thickness of the PVC material and the overlap of the strips, will impact the effectiveness of flexible PVC as a noise barrier. In general, the thicker the PVC strip, the more effective it is at sound reduction.

Clearway offers PVC strips and sheets with various thicknesses, including:

Exposure to excessive noise in industrial environments reduces productivity, causes stress and fatigue and puts worker’s health at risk. Flexible noise control partitions and enclosures are an efficient, and inexpensive method of noise reduction.

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