Check the frequently asked questions and answers:

  • PVC Bulk Rolls ship within 24 hours of order.
  • Replacement Strips ship within 48 hours of order.
  • QuickStrip Pre-Cut/Pre-Punched PVC Rolls ship within 48 hours of order
  • Strip door/strip curtain kits, they ship within 48 hours of order.  
  • Ecoflex Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Doors ship within 48 hours of order.
  • Flexible PVC Impact Doors ship within 3 weeks of order.
  • Standard strips are used in all different types of ambient temperature applications such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers for separation of rooms and to make partitions and warehouse dividers.  Also Standard strips are used for loading dock and other exterior applications.  Low Temp strips are made from a softer PVC compound, to remain flexible in extremely cold temperatures, as low as -40 degrees.  Low Temp PVC strips are perfect for freezer applications in food service applications, retail stores, food production facilities, and cold storage warehouses.  
  • The QuickMount MD is a medium-duty system, made from a high-tech polymer, recommended for pedestrian traffic applications.  It is used in personnel doors and walk-in coolers and freezers. It is rated for very low temperatures and is made from an FDA/USDA compliant polymer. The QuickMount HD is a heavy-duty system, made from structural aluminum, recommended for motorized applications.  It is used in industrial, warehouse and cold storage applications where forklifts will be used.  It’s the ideal answer for heavier traffic or products moving quickly through the doorway.  The Bolt-On Galvanized mounting is the traditional system that has been used for strip door applications for many years.  It is very resistant to damage and very secure.  Each Bolt-On system comes with faceplates and nuts which must be attached during installation, which makes it more time consuming.  This system is available for all applications but recommended with 16” strips due to the added thickness.  
  • Depending on the size of PVC strips used in the application, there can be a few different options for strip overlap.  It’s simply a function of how the strips are configured.  By installing strips closer together, we are increasing the percentage of overlap. An application could require a higher percentage of overlap if it is for loading docks or exterior doorways with excess wind, interior doorways with high levels of negative or positive air pressure, temperature control applications where energy savings is critical, taller doors where sealing the doorway could be challenging.
  • We offer many different sizes of strip but the most common are 4” x .060”, 6” x .060”, 8” x .080”, 12” x .120”, and 16” x .160”.  The basic rule of thumb is that as the height of the door opening increases, so should the size of the strip we are using to seal off the doorway. For door openings below 8’, it makes sense to use a more narrow, lightweight strip, to make it easier to pass through for pedestrian traffic.  For taller door openings, wider, thicker, heavier strips tend to do a better job of sealing off the doorway.  
  • Smooth strips have a completely flat, smooth surface.  They’re made in our extrusion process with very smooth polishing rollers which allow for a crystal clear smooth appearance.  Smooth strips allow for very good visibility, especially when they are new.  Also they are ideal for pedestrian traffic applications.  They are easier to clean and therefore very popular with food service and more technical applications.  DuraRib strips have our exclusive ribbed profile, which is designed for use in heavy traffic applications.  These ribs work like bumpers to take some of the abuse from the loads passing through the doorway.  This can be important when the application uses forklifts, lift trucks, and other machinery.