Loading Dock Applications

The loading dock is an essential part of the material handling operation of many companies, allowing easy loading and unloading of products and equipment. Unfortunately, it also can allow other things into the facility that are unwanted, including:

Facility managers look for ways to minimize these problems and maintain control over their environment.

A PVC Strip Door is the choice of companies looking for a practical solution that is easy to install and maintain. A strip door is designed to allow easy passage of people, products and equipment, while sealing off airflow through the doorway when it is not in use. The overlapping PVC strips keep the elements out without slowing down traffic coming through the loading dock.

Clearway offers several types of PVC strips for slightly different loading dock applications:

The size of PVC strip needed mostly depends on the height of the loading dock door. For loading dock doors less than 10 feet in height, most applications use 8 inch wide PVC strips. When the loading dock door is taller than 10 feet, 12 inch wide strips are used. When the door exceeds 15 feet, it makes sense to use 16 inch wide strips in the doorway to provide the best seal possible.

Loading docks in many facilities are used all day every day. By equipping the loading dock with a PVC strip door kit, companies can control their environment, keep out unwanted elements, and maintain a smooth traffic flow when loading and unloading. 

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