Become a Distributor of Clearway Products

Become a Distributor
of Clearway Products

We are the world leader in flexible vinyl door and curtain products, with more than 60 years of experience. We work with distributors across 75 countries to provide the highest quality, innovative products for area separation, energy savings and environmental control. Our customers look to Clearway to provide high-quality, practical, problem-solving products and professional, attentive service.

We're a vertically-integrated manufacturer with world-class technical expertise

We take the lead in innovating/creating the next product the market will need.  From our expertise in raw materials and compounding, precision in extrusion, to our quick service fabrication department, we create results our customers can rely on.

We're a global market leader with a diverse product portfolio

With sales offices around the world, factories on three continents, and an unparalleled distribution network, we have the global footprint to supply all your needs, regardless of location.  Our diverse product portfolio is constantly growing based on our customer’s needs.

We're authentic, professional people who care, and are easy to work with

Tired of sending emails into the void and wondering if the supplier will reply?  We realize that our customers are the only reason we are here and we act accordingly.  We are quick to respond, happy to help and we actually know what we are talking about.   How refreshing! 

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Become a Distributor of Clearway Products

Our team is ready to help you learn more and get your company set up as a Clearway distributor.

Our team will quickly connect you to a Clearway distributor in your area for pricing and availability.


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