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Clearway’s Anti-Insect Yellow PVC Strips: The Ultimate Solution for Bug-Free Facilities

In the world of food production and distribution, maintaining a pest-free environment is of paramount importance. Companies involved in making, distributing, or selling food products simply cannot afford the presence of insects in their facilities. Not only can these unwanted visitors contaminate products, but they also pose a risk to public health and can damage a company’s reputation. Recognizing this critical need, Clearway has introduced their revolutionary Anti-Insect Yellow PVC Strips, providing an innovative solution to keep bugs at bay.

Repel Flying Insects Naturally

One of the standout features of Clearway’s Anti-Insect Yellow PVC Strips is their infusion with Citronella, a natural plant oil that has been proven to repel flying insects. Citronella, derived from the leaves of the Cymbopogon plant, emits a distinct scent that insects find incredibly unpleasant. By incorporating this natural repellent into their PVC strips, Clearway offers businesses an effective and eco-friendly solution to ward off insects without resorting to harmful chemicals or pesticides. In fact Citronella is included in the USDA’s Generally Accepted as Safe (GRAS) list, for use in food facilities.

Opaque to Insects, Transparent to Humans

Beyond the Citronella infusion, Clearway’s Anti-Insect Yellow PVC Strips feature a unique yellow color that serves a dual purpose. While humans perceive the yellow color as transparent, it acts as an opaque barrier for insects, effectively preventing them from noticing the light behind the curtain. Insects are naturally attracted to light sources, making them prone to congregating near windows and other areas with visible illumination. However, the yellow color of these PVC strips serves as a camouflage, rendering the light source nearly invisible to insects and significantly reducing their presence within a facility.

The Science Behind the Solution

The effectiveness of Clearway’s Anti-Insect Yellow PVC Strips lies in the science of insect vision. Insects, especially flying ones, have a different visual spectrum compared to humans. They are highly responsive to ultraviolet (UV) light, which often accompanies traditional light sources. By utilizing the yellow color, which is relatively less appealing to insects, the strips disrupt the insects’ visual perception, minimizing their attraction to the illuminated areas. This innovative approach provides a practical solution for companies to maintain a pest-free environment without compromising on the comfort and safety of their human employees and visitors.


Clearway’s Anti-Insect Yellow PVC Strips have emerged as an exceptional solution for companies in the food industry looking to maintain insect-free facilities. By infusing these strips with Citronella and incorporating a yellow color that confuses and repels insects, Clearway has successfully addressed the need for effective insect control without resorting to harmful chemicals. With the utilization of natural plant oil and innovative design, businesses can now create a safer and more hygienic environment, ensuring the integrity of their products and the satisfaction of their customers. The Anti-Insect Yellow PVC Strips from Clearway offer a game-changing solution for the food industry, safeguarding facilities against pests while promoting sustainability and human well-being.

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